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Public and Stakeholder Engagement

The first round of public involvement is happening now. Learn more about the study and share feedback below through March 31. 

Share your Feedback

The first round of public involvement meetings took place virtually on February 23 and 24. If you didn't attend the meetings, there are plenty of ways to learn more about the study and provide feedback. Take a moment to respond to a few quick questions below, watch the meeting recordings, complete the survey, or add comments to the preliminary route options maps to tell the project team what's important to you related to enhanced transit in the north-south transit corridor.

Complete the Quick Poll Below 

Send the study team your feedback by responding to the questions below to provide important feedback for the first phase of the study: 

1. If you are a current transit user in the corridor, what do you think is working well with the PurpleLine service?
2. What are the most important improvements you’d like to see related to transit in this corridor?

Thank you for your feedback!

Review Materials from the First Round of Virtual Public Meetings

Download the Presentation or View Meeting Recordings

Complete the Survey

Provide comments on existing transit in the corridor and the draft purpose and need statement that will inform the next phase of the study. 

Comment on Preliminary Route Options

View preliminary route options being considered for the study in the interactive maps below. Add comments to the map with your feedback about important places in the area, the route variations, and anything else you want to share with the project team. Click the maps below to add comments.

Preliminary On-Street Route Options
Preliminary Rail Corridor Route Options
The survey and route options maps will be available for comment through March 31.

Other Ways to Provide Comments

Comments can be provided via U.S. mail, email, or fax through March 31, 2021 to:


Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission

W239 N1812 Rockwood Drive

P.O. Box 1607 Waukesha, Wisconsin 53187-1607



Phone: 262-953-3252

Fax: 262-547-1103

Comments can be provided at anytime throughout the study by completing the form on the Contact page.

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