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Review and provide feedback on the draft recommendations today.

Review information below about the draft report and recommended alternative for the North-South Transit Enhancement Study in Milwaukee County. When you're ready, provide your comments below.

VIDEO: Recommended Route Alternative and Next Steps

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Background and Summary

Background + Summary of Recommendations

The recommendation is a result of a series of analyses and public input that considered various transit types and route options. The recommended route connects people and jobs along and near 27th Street—one of the major north-south spines in the County—between Bayshore in Glendale and Northwestern Mutual in Franklin.

Review chapters 1, 2, and 9 of the report to learn more about the background of the study, the options considered, and a summary of the recommendations and next steps. For details about roadway configuration options with sample cross-sections, review Appendix A.

Draft Recommended Route Alternative

NSTES Map for Media R4 (1).png


Review chapter 3 for more information on stations, including the station area analysis. For an evaluation of development opportunities near proposed station locations, see Appendix B.  

VIDEO: More information about proposed station locations and features:


Dedicated Lanes, Reckless Driving, and Impacts to Parking and Traffic

Review Chapter 4 for details about expected impacts to other parts of the transportation system, including parking, traffic, bike and pedestrian infrastructure, along with recommendations for dedicated lanes and running type. For technical details about the traffic analysis, review Appendix C.

VIDEO: How could bus rapid transit (BRT) on 27th Street help to reduce reckless driving?

Dedicated Lanes

Ridership Estimates & Preliminary Environmental Impacts

Review Chapter 5 for ridership estimates and Chapter 6 for an evaluation of preliminary environmental impacts including expected changes to air quality and energy use, and an inventory of historic and cultural resources in the study corridor.  

Happy Asian man riding a bus
Ridership + Env

Capital + Operating Cost Estimates

For a detailed breakdown of estimated capital costs (cost to build the project) and the expected on-going operating and maintenance costs for all route options considered, see chapters 7 and 8. A summary of capital costs for the recommended alternative is provided in this pie chart. The recommended route had the lowest cost estimates of all options considered, with a capital cost estimate of $148 million, up to 80 percent of which would be expected to be federally funded. 

Capital Cost Estimate Breakdown

Total: $148M

Professional Services $11.2M.png

Submit Your Comments

Comments submitted here will be sent to the project team and considered before the recommended alternative for this study is finalized. Additional opportunities for public engagement will be provided throughout the next phases of this effort. A list of public comments will also be included in final document.

Public Comments:

Comments can also be submitted in any of the following ways:  


Mail:  P.O. Box 1607, Waukesha, WI 53187-1607 

Fax: (262) 547-1103 

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Round 3 Public Meeting Materials

The third round of public involvement meetings took place virtually from October 25-28, 2021 and the public comment period was open through December 10, 2021. Meeting materials can be reviewed below. 

Round 2 Public Meeting Materials

The second round of public involvement meetings took place virtually from June 22-24, 2021 and the public comment period was open through July 31, 2021. Meeting materials can be reviewed below.

Round 1 Public Meeting Materials

The first round of public involvement meetings took place virtually on February 23 and 24, 2021 and the public comment period was open through April 18, 2021. Meeting materials can be reviewed below. 

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